Antony Duff book event: “The Realm of Criminal Law”

This event is organised by the Edinburgh Centre for Legal Theory. Small number of places available. If you are interested in attending, please email Chloë Kennedy at

Provisional Schedule:

Per session: 10 minutes critical introduction followed by 20 minutes discussion

14.00-14.30 Chapter 1 (Criminal Law) Rachel Ferguson

14.30-15.00 Chapter 2 (Legal Moralism and Public Wrongs) Andrew Cornford

15.00-15.30 Chapter 3 (Citizenship and Criminal Law) Neil Walker

15.30-15.45 COFFEE

15.45-16.15 Chapter 4 (Civil order and the Public Realm) Lindsay Farmer

16.15-16.45 Chapter 5 (A Liberal Republic and Its Criminal Law) Ellie Mason

16.45-17.15 Chapter 6 (Master Principles of Criminalisation?) Chloë Kennedy

17.15-17.45 Chapter 7 (Criminalisation and Civil Order) Sharon Cowan

17.45-18.00 Antony Duff comments

18.00-19.00 WINE